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Welcome to Sound Surgical Arts! We’re a leading dental practice in Washington that provides high-quality, comprehensive dental services, including dental implants, wisdom tooth extraction, bone and gum grafting, and reconstructive surgery. Our experienced and expert team uses cutting-edge techniques and state-of-the-art technology to give our patients the best possible care.

One of our most popular and advanced gum treatment options is the Pinhole Surgical Technique (PST), a minimally invasive procedure for treating gum recession. The experienced team at Sound Surgical Arts proudly offers this revolutionary treatment to our patients in Washington.

What is the Pinhole Surgical Technique?

The Pinhole Surgical Technique is a groundbreaking, minimally invasive procedure for treating gum recession, a common dental issue that occurs when gum tissue recedes and exposes the tooth’s root. This can cause sensitivity, pain, and an unattractive smile. If left untreated, gum recession can eventually lead to tooth loss.

Developed and patented by Dr. John Chao, the Pinhole Surgical Technique is an innovative alternative to traditional gum grafting surgery, which can be more invasive and require a longer recovery period. PST involves making a small hole (about the size of a pin) in the gum tissue, through which specially designed instruments are inserted to gently loosen the tissue and guide it back to its original position, covering the exposed root surface.

The procedure is stitched-free, suture-free, and scalpel-free, providing a fast and comfortable solution for gum recession.

Benefits of the Pinhole Surgical Technique at Sound Surgical Arts:

  • Minimally Invasive: The Pinhole Surgical Technique is a minimally invasive treatment that requires no scalpel, sutures, or stitches, reducing discomfort and shortening the recovery time.
  • Instant Cosmetic Improvement: Patients can see immediate results after their PST appointment, with the treated tooth or teeth covered by a healthy gum line again.
  • Promotes Better Oral Health: In addition to improving the appearance of your smile, PST also helps enhance overall oral health by protecting tooth roots from decay and reducing the risk of tooth loss.
  • Faster Recovery Time: Traditional gum grafting procedures can take weeks to heal, but with PST, most patients can return to normal activities within just a day or two.
  • Less Discomfort: Patients often report minimal pain or discomfort after the Pinhole Surgical Technique, as the procedure is significantly less invasive than traditional gum grafting surgery.

Experience the Pinhole Surgical Technique at Sound Surgical Arts in Washington:

At Sound Surgical Arts, we pride ourselves on offering the latest in dental technology to our patients. Our team of top-notch dental professionals is highly skilled and experienced in providing the Pinhole Surgical Technique in Washington. We ‘e dedicated to delivering exceptional care and ensuring our patients have a comfortable and stress-free experience.

When you visit Sound Surgical Arts for your Pinhole Surgical Technique consultation, our expert team will conduct a thorough assessment of your gum health and discuss your concerns to determine if PST is the most suitable option for you. Our goal is to ensure your gums are healthy and attractive, giving you the confidence to show off your beautiful smile.

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