Braces & Periodontics

When considering or having braces/orthodontics it is important to make sure that your gums are healthy. We recommend that you have regular cleanings every 3-4 months especially because of the added difficulty for proper brushing and flossing.

When getting and orthodontic evaluation, your orthodontist may find:

  • That your gums are to thin or the roots of your teeth are exposed for which you may need a gum graft prior or during braces.
  • Canine teeth and other teeth are commonly impacted which means they will not be coming out through your gums by themselves for which a tooth exposure might be necessary.
  • A gap between your front teeth might have been caused by the presence of a strong frenum attachment. If removed with a frenectomy the gap will close and have no relapse even after removing your appliances.
  • When in need of extra anchorage for the movement of your teeth, your orthodontist might recommend that a small screw/anchorage device be placed.
  • That your gums are growing covering your teeth making it difficult to obtain adequate home care as well as visualization for the completion of the orthodontic therapy. If this is your case you may need a gingivectomy.
To maintain the health of your teeth while in braces is one of the many reasons why we work closely with your orthodontist!


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