The Best Periodontists in Tacoma, WA: Comprehensive Periodontal Care at Sound Surgical Arts

If you’re in Tacoma, WA, and your pearly whites need some expert attention, you’re in luck. Sound Surgical Arts is home to some of the best periodontists in town, who are experts at handling all things related to the health of your gums and the supporting structures of your teeth.

Whether you’re dealing with gum disease, tooth loss, or other periodontal concerns, we’re committed to helping you achieve optimal oral health. So, brace yourself for a dental experience that’s all about precision, comfort, and a friendly atmosphere. And, rest assured, your pearly whites are in safe and capable hands.

Our Comprehensive Dental and Periodontal Services Include:

1. Dental Implants

Dental implants are a long-lasting solution for replacing missing teeth. Our periodontist’s expertise covers single tooth replacement, full-mouth rehabilitation, All-on-4® treatment, and the most recent advances in implant-supported dentures. This modern alternative to traditional dentures offers improved stability and comfort, providing patients with outstanding aesthetic results and renewed functionality.

2. Wisdom Tooth Extraction

Wisdom tooth removal is a common procedure that helps promote proper dental alignment and prevent potential complications. Our periodontist in Tacoma offers safe and effective wisdom tooth extraction using modern surgical techniques and sedation options to minimize discomfort and ensure a smooth recovery.

3. Gum Recession Treatment

Gum recession can lead to tooth sensitivity, root decay, and eventual loss of teeth. We offer advanced gum recession treatment, either using a minimally invasive Chao Pinhole™ technique or traditional gum grafting, ensuring long-lasting results that look natural while protecting your teeth from further damage.

4. Scaling and Root Planing

Scaling and root planing is a non-surgical periodontal treatment that targets the oral bacteria responsible for gum disease, including gingivitis and periodontitis. Our periodontist in Tacoma administers this procedure skillfully and effectively to maintain and support healthy gum tissue.

5. Bone Grafting

Conditions like periodontal disease, trauma, or tooth extraction can result in bone loss. Our periodontist in Tacoma employs various bone grafting techniques to reverse bone loss and provide a strong foundation for dental implants. Our approach ensures an optimal outcome for the patient’s oral health, appearance, and overall comfort.

6. Gum Grafting

Gum grafting is a valuable treatment option in combating recession of gums that result from gum disease, aging, and aggressive tooth brushing. At Sound Surgical Arts, our expert periodontist performs gum grafting tailored to the unique requirements of every patient, ensuring the best aesthetic results and improved oral health.

7. Sedation Dentistry

Our team understands that some patients may feel anxious about dental treatments. We offer various sedation dentistry options to make our patients feel comfortable and relaxed during their visit. Our periodontists aim to provide our patients with high-quality, anxiety-free dental care, ensuring a stress-free experience every time.

8. Reconstructive Surgery

Our periodontist is highly skilled in reconstructive surgery. We follow personalized treatment plans for treating teeth affected by trauma, severe tooth decay, or bone loss. With our expertise in this field, we can perform complex procedures that restore optimum oral health and aesthetics, ensuring our patients regain a beautiful and functional smile.

Why Choose Our Periodontist at Sound Surgical Arts?

Our team at Sound Surgical Arts is committed to providing the best care to our patients. We strive to create a pleasant and comfortable dental experience, ensuring positive results in every aspect of our dental services. Choosing our periodontist allows for the following benefits:

  • State-of-the-art dental technology
  • Innovative techniques
  • Customized treatment plans
  • Comprehensive in-house care
  • Skilled, experienced professionals
  • Comfortable environment
  • Patient-centered approach

Experience World-Class Periodontal Care at Sound Surgical Arts

Don’t live with dental problems that could be easily addressed by our periodontists in Tacoma, WA. Our team at Sound Surgical Arts is ready to give you a healthier smile you can be proud of, so book a consultation with us to experience the Sound Surgical Arts difference. Restore your smile and confidence!