I had literally put off having this gum graft surgery for 15 years simply because I had heard from so many other people about the negative experience they had with this procedure. When I knew it was time to finally do something about it, I met with a prominent oral surgeon that had performed several successful procedures for members of our family and I point blank asked him, "Who do you recommend for gum graft surgery and would you send your mother to this specialist?" This surgeon didn't hesitate for one second. He immediately said, "Dr. Silvia La Rosa. She does the single best soft tissue graft surgery procedures in this entire region." That did it for me and I scheduled my consultation. From the time I had my consult to my last post-op check-up everything proceeded exactly as Dr. La Rosa and her staff described to me. I also achieved an outcome that frankly exceeded my expectations. The graft is perfect. The entire team was amazing. They took the time to understand my needs, hear my concerns and not only answered my questions, but provided me with options for ways to manage post-op discomfort (which was really minimal because I followed the post-op directions to the letter) to how to handle wearing my orthodontia retainers so they wouldn't "mess with grafting success" during my recovery. What I was the most impressed with was the professional courtesy that not only Dr. La Rosa and her team extend to their patients, but that they extend to each other. When was the last time you heard the staff and the doctor tell each other "please and thank you" while working together during a patient procedure? I could go on for hours sharing my glowing accolades for Dr. La Rosa and her staff, but I think the most important thing I can share with you is that if you need a soft tissue graft, go talk to Dr. La Rosa and her team. Dr. La Rosa has definitely turned the specialty of soft tissue grafting into "surgical art".

- Kelly L

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