I have been getting implants and periodontics work since I was at least a kid. It's painful and it sucks. All my life i've been treated like I got something wrong with my mouth. Its not a good feeling. BUT Dr SIlvia Manuel La Rosa have made me feel like I'm a person and that I matter. I admit I was skeptical at first if they were any good. but they've gotten everything right the first time. I've had ZERO issues with their surgical stuff. They made me feel comfortable and at ease all the time. Their staff is amazing! I drive from everett just to see them. They're that good! Trust me I've been to a lot of doctors with this stuff. These guys are legit. They are the REAL DEAL. I highly recommend. I'm writing this because of how amazing these guys and gals are! Seriously! Do you know what it's like going through this? I bet if you're like me you don't like it, at least I DID. These guys make me LOVE it here! I'm not just a patient here, I am treated like a human being with dignity. Thank you Dr. Manuel and Silvia La Rosa for treating my like a human being and getting everything right the first time around! You guys really are legit! Thank you!

- Ian S

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